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Group Programs

Horses can’t fake it!
They don’t judge or guess, they are sensing what is real and authentic in order to trust.

Together, not alone.

EEA offers a range of unique programs from Trauma and Cancer Recovery through to Maintaining Mental Wellbeing and Self Development.

Centred around Equine Assisted Therapy / Learning participants are supported to develop awareness and resources to overcome negative thoughts and patterns of behaviour to bring about sustained improvements to meet the challenges of everyday life.

Our Trauma Recovery programs are challenging, yet highly supportive and designed specifically to support those who have encountered repeated stress and trauma in their working or personal lives:

  • Australia Defence Force*
  • Police, Ambulance, Fire-Brigade and Correctional Personnel
  • Victims of Childhood abuse
  • Partners and family members of Trauma Sufferers

We don’t judge, we listen, we observe and we encourage participants to find new and more positive ways forward.

*Clinically proven, through independent research conducted by Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation


Group Programs Available

 Explore the specialised group programs we are currently offering at Equine Encounters Australia. 

Please get in touch to learn more about these programs.