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Personal Growth

Horses only reflect what they authentically feel, not what the human is trying to project to the world.


Supporting individuals and couples.

At Equine Encounters Australia, we specialise in supporting adults who are seeking support to overcome trauma, depression/anxiety, cope with grief and loss, or simply improve the way they meet challenges of day to day life. 

We offer an integrated and holistic approach to therapy, incorporating modalities such as Equine Assisted Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Clinical Resource Therapy, Imagery, and Narrative Therapy and Mindfulness. 




We work from the present, we don’t ask you to go back over historic events. We stay firmly grounded in the present in order to help you develop greater awareness, pause, and have a choice about your response.  We believe self-awareness, choice, and emotional well-being are key to healing and growth.

Incorporating Equine Assisted Therapy/Learning can be a unique and powerful way to gain insight into behaviour patterns, thought processes and suppressed emotions and allow better situational awareness to be developed.  


For couples, we blend therapeutic techniques and activities, to help you explore your perspectives, judgements and communication style, then support you to break the negative patterns, re-build trust and connection in order to move forward.

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